Git Workflow   Reference: https://sandofsky.com/blog/git-workflow.html  https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/comparing-workflows/ http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ http://documentup.com/skwp/git-workflows-book   Main Branches Branch Name Description master Master to be the main branch where the source code of HEAD always reflects a […]

I have moved on from the current CodeIgniter release of 2.1.4 to version 3.0. You can download the latest development release at github . I have been using CodeIgniter  3.0 for a […]

I am Codeigniter fan and have been looking for a good cms to build websites that is based on Codeigniter. I have taken a look at pyrocms, koken cms and […]

I put together a few of my favorite code templates that are built into the NetBeans IDE. Over the last two years NetBeans has improved dramatically by adding improved HTML […]

During my continuing journey of learning PHP, one that had bothered me for some time was PHP classes. They seemed mysterious and strictly for advanced uber PHP developers. As a […]

I have released code publicly for the first time this weekend on github at PHP-Directory-Helper. I have spent a good amount of time on it. I have plans to add a few additional […]