Danny Nunez

3 minutes read

In this tutorial, we will cover setting up a Scheduled Event that will trigger a Lambda Function to create an EBS volume snapshot. Amazon CloudWatch Events are near real time events that describe changes with your AWS resources. These events can be used to trigger actions such as running a lambda function or sending an SMS message. These events can also be scheduled to run on a cron like schedule. This tutorial will cover creating an Amazon CloudWatch Event using a cron like schedule to trigger…

6 minutes read

Often times we want to work on a project utilizing AWS, but we do not want it exposed to the world. There are several options for this and most require a lot of work. One option is setup a vpn in the cloud, no thanks. Or perhaps we could setup a bastion server with a public ip and utilize ssh tunneling, again no thanks. I prefer to use AWS’s Client VPN

5 minutes read

I see countless posts and questions by new developers who want to break into the PHP development world. A common question is ¬†What is the best way to gain PHP experience?¬†Common answers are to build up a github profile, start blogging, internships or pro-bono work. Yeah that sounds great but for someone who is truly green that may be a little outside of their comfort zone If it is for someone looking to learn relevant skills to break into the job market the advice is a little vague. Most of the…

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